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While in Paris 2.5 years ago we went on a canal tour that takes you through part of the Paris sewer system. As we made our way over towards the Left Bank I saw this dude along the canal working on some¬†graffiti. He was just a few yards down from an artsy looking bar/cafe. I […]

This photo was a total accident. I had the camera resting on a ledge and had forgotten to take the strap off of my arm. When I moved to get out of the way I jerked the camera. This was the result. Seeing how awesome it was I tried a couple times to duplicate with […]



This was taken in Paris a year and a half ago. We spent 9 days in the city during the 2007 Rugby World Cup (it was being hosted by France).¬†At one point they were showing the matches in the square at Hotel de Ville. I can’t remember which match we watched (US maybe?) but it […]