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I’m finally back in Napoli after 7 months. It’s good to be back. The temperature has been relatively high recently and with everyone out of town for Ferragosto (the actual holiday is one day – August 15 – but almost everyone goes on vacation for the entire month) there’s not much going on in town. […]

Vado a Napoli


On August 4th I’ll finally be going back to Napoli, Italia. It feels like forever since I was last there. I had hoped to see Italy during the spring but it didn’t work out that way. My guess is that I’ll have to save that for a future trip years from now. It’ll give me […]

Motorcycles and scooters are a part of everyday life in Italy. More kids get a scooter when they first get their license than a car.  [I don’t want a pickle]



Soccer is the number one sport in Italy. Naples doesn’t have much open space so kids play wherever they can. These kids were using the small piazza in front of the Duomo as their soccer field. [kick!]

   Largest piece in the exhibit Louise Bourgeois per Capodimonte in Napoli, Italia. It’s unfortunate the gentleman was captured by the spider Maman. Oh well. [stabbed! gored! speared!]