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Christmas Alley


Via San Gregorio Armeno, Napoli, Italia before the holiday rush. Called “Christmas Alley” by the Americans this street is famous for it’s hand crafted presepe and hand carved figurines. While it’s open year round the crush of people doesn’t start until 2 weeks before Christmas. [Christmas Alley] Advertisements

napoli on film


  [napoli on film] Looking south over Naples, Italy towards Mt Vesuvius.

vomero graffiti


  [vomero graffiti]   Graffiti on the wall of the galleria in Vomero in Naples, Italy.

[creative parking] A Fiat 500 parked on the sidewalk behind another car on a street in Naples, Italy. In a city filled with millions of people and thousands of cars it pays to own a small one.

public transit


   [train graffiti] Graffiti on the side of the regional Trenitalia train in Naples, Italy. 

[various stages of dilapidation] Apartment buildings in Naples, Italy. The rundown building in the foreground is currently undergoing restoration. Considering it’s current condition it must have been abandoned for decades.

[looking in the rear view mirror] Scooter parked on Via dei Mille in Naples, Italy.

people movers


[waiting out the rain] Cars and a scooter on Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Naples, Italy.

raining in Roma


  [nuns with umbrellas] Nuns walking in the rain outside St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City.