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Yet another photo taken without looking through the viewfinder. While visiting Rome we wandered over to the Pantheon. It was too dark inside to get any good shots and the sun wasn’t out so there was no dramatic circle of light on the wall from the oculus. After going back outside and trying to avoid […]

sad puppy eyes


This was taken in Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy. I was walking around this fountain when I saw the two men talking. I really really wanted a shot but didn’t want to be obvious so I sat down on a bench across from them. Setting the camera on my lap I hit the shutter and […]

Motorcycles and scooters are a part of everyday life in Italy. More kids get a scooter when they first get their license than a car.  [I don’t want a pickle]



Soccer is the number one sport in Italy. Naples doesn’t have much open space so kids play wherever they can. These kids were using the small piazza in front of the Duomo as their soccer field. [kick!]

  A man reading at the base of the Pantheon in Roma, Italia. [reading at the Pantheon]

i turisti


   Tourists in front of the Pantheon in Roma, Italia. [turistas]

Christmas Alley


Via San Gregorio Armeno, Napoli, Italia before the holiday rush. Called “Christmas Alley” by the Americans this street is famous for it’s hand crafted presepe and hand carved figurines. While it’s open year round the crush of people doesn’t start until 2 weeks before Christmas. [Christmas Alley]