an annual ritual



Every spring an event occurs that brings millions of people to Washington, DC and it’s not the start of the baseball season. It’s the annual bloom of the cherry blossoms around the city but especially around the Tidal Basin that gets everyone excited. People come in from all over the world with hopes of seeing the trees blooming but there is no real way of knowing when exactly the bloom will occur. National Park Service employees try their best to predict when the bloom will be at it’s peak but it’s not always certain. This year the trees decided to peak early, a day earlier than predicted, and it only lasted for that one day. Of course that doesn’t mean that the blossoms disappear immediately but they don’t stick around for very long, a few days at the most. I’ve been going to see the trees every year since I was in college and this year I volunteered at the National Cherry Blossom Festival to help tourists learn about the trees and the events going on. I even helped inventory the trees when I worked for the park service a few years ago so I feel like I got to know them very well. If you ever get a chance to experience the blooming of the cherry blossoms please remember to take only pictures and don’t pull on the trees!

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