Snow My Goodness No More!


If all goes according to plan the DC metro area is on track to have one of, if not the, snowiest winter on record. We’re currently sitting in third behind 1995-95 (46″) and 1898-99 (54.4″) with 45 inches. That is apparently more than we’ve had during the last four winters combined. And that is insane. Locally the storm in December is being called The Snowpocalpyse, the February 5-6 storm is Snomageddon, and the latest could be called Snoverkill, though the name hasn’t been decided on yet.

At our house we had 28 inches when all was said and done. Because the snow was heavy there was probably closer to 30 inches but with settling it measured less. Our street wasn’t plowed until Monday morning, almost 48 hours after the storm was over, but the county was working hard to get everyone out so we can’t complain. There are still people without power and some of the power companies are saying that if you didn’t lose power in the last storm you will lose it this time. That’s not a very comforting thought but there’s really nothing we can do about it.

Stay warm everyone!

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