8th St SE


8th St SE, Washington, DC

Washington is constantly undergoing changes – buildings being razed, others being built – but as much as it changes it stays the same. I love wandering around and finding traces of what the city used to look like; little nooks and crannies that have managed to resist the hands of time and still retain some of their original character. Sometimes I wonder what someone who lived 100 years ago would think about what the city currently looks like. When I meet people that have spent their entire lives in DC I always ask them how much it’s changed. The answer is usually something like “it’s completely different now than it was X number of years ago” which of course piques my curiosity. What’s different? When did it change? What do they think about it? These questions usually encourage the person to open up and tell me a brief story about their life as it pertains to this space in the world. This gets me to thinking about what I’ll be telling people 20, 30, 50 years from now. I’m sure things will have changed I just wonder how much.

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