on the bridge


Every summer nature puts on a beautiful display at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Washington, DC. Dozens of ponds contain a wide variety of lotuses and waterlilies. Water birds, such as herons and osprey, can also be seen searching for fish among the plants. Turtles, frogs, dragonflies, and damselflies are also commonly sighted. Located on the Anacostia River in north east DC it can be reached by car and also by kayak and canoe. The park contains the only remaining tidal marsh in DC as well. If you walk out on the wooden bridge into the marsh you can get an idea of what DC might have looked like before civilization moved in. If you haven’t been there before do go check it out, you won’t believe that such a place could exist in the city.

The park is open everyday from 7am to 4pm. When the temperature reaches between 85 and 90 degrees the waterlilies will close. The best time to see them blooming is in the morning. Luckily this summer has been cool so the window of opportunity to see the bloom is probably a little longer than in previous years.

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