Tire Sale


Almost New Auto. New York Ave, Washington, DC

I’ve spent quite a bit of time driving down New York Ave over the past 5 months, what with italian classes at Casa Italiana every Sunday morning, and various other activities in the Chinatown/Penn Quarter part of town. Every time I would drive down New York Ave I’d drive by two places that I found incredibly interesting. The first is this that I wrote about before, the second is the Almost New Auto and Tire shop. I just loved the colors and, of course, the hubcaps adorning the outside. When I drive into the city on Sunday mornings for italian I’m always running late (it’s a personality defect that I’m trying to fix) and never have time to stop but I finally decided on my way out of town on June 4th to stop and take some pictures. I had my Canon AE-1 loaded with CVS 200 color film (I seriously love this stuff) and my Canon EOS Elan 7 loaded with black and white. (I don’t remember what kind at the moment. I could go find it but…eh. Whatever.) I still haven’t gotten the black and white developed yet but I’m looking forward to seeing the results – I had my 24mm wide angle lens on the camera which should provide some interesting angle exaggeration. At least that’s what I’m hoping. Oddly enough just 3 days after I shot this place the Washington Post Magazine ran a similar picture of the same building in their weekly Second Glance column. I might be the only one that finds it amusing that after I waited for so long to photograph the place the Washington Post decided to shoot it around the same time. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one amused by that.

2 Responses to “Tire Sale”

  1. 1 philliefan

    Hey, update your blog already! 😉

  2. 2 thephotogeniccity

    I just did 😛

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