Artomatic 2009


Bikes lined up outside Artomatic. Navy Yard, Near Southeast, Capitol Riverfront, whatever else you want to call it, Washington, DC.

I am such a slacker. At least when it comes to this blog. It’s been over a month since I last wrote anything and that’s just horrible. I apologize and promise to try harder next time.
So what have I been up to in the last month? Well Artomatic of course! It’s only the greatest non-juried art festival in the DC metro area and 11 of my photos are hanging up on the 9th floor in the NE corner (space 10). If you haven’t already gone down to 55 M St, SE (west exit of the Navy Yard metro station; the building on top of the station is 55 M St) then I suggest you do so! Artomatic runs from May 29 until July 5 so you still have plenty of time. Days and hours are listed here.
While you are there please go check out the walls of my friends, they will knock your socks off. Also I am featured on the walls of two of them so you know their stuff is good. 🙂
Angela Kleis: 9th floor
Davin Tarr: 9th floor
Erin Lassahn: 9th floor
Matt Steenhoek: 9th floor
Jim Darling: 8th floor
Mo Fogarty: 8th floor
Stacey Viera: 6th floor
Phil Yabut: 5th floor
Ramune Rastonis: 4th floor
Edward Underwood: 3rd floor
Karon Flage: 2nd floor

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