Brighter. Bolder.


About a month ago I was on my way downtown when I noticed all of these newspaper boxes lined up out in front of the Washington Times warehouse. Since the newspaper business is tanking it’s not surprising that these boxes are no longer on the street. I wanted to stop and get a picture so badly but could not figure out how to get there. For those that don’t know New York Ave at this point has a service road paralleling it and if you miss the little turn off you can’t get onto the road heading westbound, you have to U-turn and take the exit for the Times buildings. Of course I didn’t know you had to take the exit so I went up and down NY Ave a couple times without finding my way. (Some cartographer I am…) Eventually I managed to get there and snapped some pics. I wanted to get more up close shots but since it’s technically private property and people were there working I thought it better not to push my luck. On my way home my car decided to die right in the middle of New York Ave but at least I’d already gotten what I came for.

By the way, this was taken with CVS brand 200 ISO film. I believe the film is actually Fuji film being sold under the store brand name since it says “Made in Japan” on the box. And a friend told me that was the case. For under $2 a roll I couldn’t resist. I’m really happy with the way the colors turned out, pretty saturated but not cartoony. I’d recommend it if you’re looking to play around with film again.

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