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About a month ago I was on my way downtown when I noticed all of these newspaper boxes lined up out in front of the Washington Times warehouse. Since the newspaper business is tanking it’s not surprising that these boxes are no longer on the street. I wanted to stop and get a picture so […]

hotdog stand


Constitution Ave, Washington, DC In Washington, as in every major city, food vendors are ubiquitous. Found in front of all the major museums and on many streets in the downtown area they are usually swarmed with tourists, at least during the day. Once the tourists go back to their hotels or home for dinner they […]

The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC has ended and all that’s left are little pink petals on the ground. After a morning of hard, steady rain very few petals still clung to the trees. Tourists wandered around snapping photos and admiring the remnants but it was nothing compared to the deluge of people […]