Rescue 1

So my latest roll of film didn’t turn out so well. I had a whole bunch of shots that I was really looking forward to seeing too. Last week I finished the roll and brought it to the local Target for processing. I wasn’t having prints made, just development and a CD. After waiting a couple hours – so much for 1 hour service – I picked up my film and being so excited I looked at it in the car. There were red splotches all over every frame. I was hoping (even though realistically I knew it was ruined) that it was just the bad light in my car. I got home and put in the CD, opened the folder and everything was red. Apparently the roll of film had either gotten stuck to itself or another roll of film during processing. They only charged me $2.86 so I didn’t think it was worth going back and complaining. The best I’ve been able to do it convert some of the shots to black and white, it makes the photos appear at least slightly less damaged.
This is DCFD Rescue 1 in Chinatown, Washington, DC. At one point they had both engines siting side by side in front of the garage but I couldn’t cross the street fast enough to get a picture. This was the best I could do.

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