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Rescue 1


So my latest roll of film didn’t turn out so well. I had a whole bunch of shots that I was really looking forward to seeing too. Last week I finished the roll and brought it to the local Target for processing. I wasn’t having prints made, just development and a CD. After waiting a […]

While in Paris 2.5 years ago we went on a canal tour that takes you through part of the Paris sewer system. As we made our way over towards the Left Bank I saw this dude along the canal working on some graffiti. He was just a few yards down from an artsy looking bar/cafe. I […]



At 9:02 am CST on April 19, 1995 a fertilizer bomb in a Ryder truck was detonated in front of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The blast destroyed 1/3 of the Murrah building, damaged over 300 buildings in the surrounding area, and killed 168 people including 19 children. On April […]

Yet another photo taken without looking through the viewfinder. While visiting Rome we wandered over to the Pantheon. It was too dark inside to get any good shots and the sun wasn’t out so there was no dramatic circle of light on the wall from the oculus. After going back outside and trying to avoid […]

sad puppy eyes


This was taken in Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy. I was walking around this fountain when I saw the two men talking. I really really wanted a shot but didn’t want to be obvious so I sat down on a bench across from them. Setting the camera on my lap I hit the shutter and […]



    This was taken in Lawton, OK. It’s a combination car wash and vacuum station. The Agfa Vista 100 film I used gives the scene a very old fashioned appearance. Since the film was expired I had no idea what would turn out, most of the shots have this same look to them. [vacuum]

This photo was a total accident. I had the camera resting on a ledge and had forgotten to take the strap off of my arm. When I moved to get out of the way I jerked the camera. This was the result. Seeing how awesome it was I tried a couple times to duplicate with […]



This was taken in Paris a year and a half ago. We spent 9 days in the city during the 2007 Rugby World Cup (it was being hosted by France). At one point they were showing the matches in the square at Hotel de Ville. I can’t remember which match we watched (US maybe?) but it […]

evening stroll


I believe this was taken back in February. We attempted to visit the Capitol Visitor Center but got there 30 minutes after it had closed. I had my Canon EOS Elan 7 with a roll of Agfa Vista 100 film in it. I’d never used that film before or tried to get low light shots with such […]



Seen in Chinatown in Washington, DC. I don’t know what the building with the stripes is. My guess is condos or apartments. Also featured on DCist February 28, 2009. [smart]