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Motorcycles and scooters are a part of everyday life in Italy. More kids get a scooter when they first get their license than a car.  [I don’t want a pickle] Advertisements



Soccer is the number one sport in Italy. Naples doesn’t have much open space so kids play wherever they can. These kids were using the small piazza in front of the Duomo as their soccer field. [kick!]

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   Chinatown, Washington, DC The Friendship Arch was designed by Alfred H. Liu and dedicated in 1968 to celebrate the friendship between DC and Beijing, it’s sister city. The Wah Luck House was built in 1982 to house Chinese residents who were displaced due to the construction of the new-old Convention Center which has subsequently […]



  Pay phones still exist! This one is located at the corner of 6th and H St NW in Chinatown in Washington, DC. Just a little FYI if you’re ever in need. [phone]

This photo, Dry Cleaner, was chosen to be in the DCist Exposed Photo Show which is being held at The Gallery at Flashpoint for two weeks in Washington, DC. The show runs from February 20 until March 7. There is an opening reception on February 20th from 5-9pm. If you get a chance please come […]