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napoli on film


  [napoli on film] Looking south over Naples, Italy towards Mt Vesuvius. Advertisements

vomero graffiti


  [vomero graffiti]   Graffiti on the wall of the galleria in Vomero in Naples, Italy.

suck and blow


[vacuum] A car vacuum and air pump up against the brick wall of a building in Washington, DC. This was located in the corner of a gas station parking lot off of busy U St.

[creative parking] A Fiat 500 parked on the sidewalk behind another car on a street in Naples, Italy. In a city filled with millions of people and thousands of cars it pays to own a small one.

public transit


   [train graffiti] Graffiti on the side of the regional Trenitalia train in Naples, Italy. 

[various stages of dilapidation] Apartment buildings in Naples, Italy. The rundown building in the foreground is currently undergoing restoration. Considering it’s current condition it must have been abandoned for decades.

[looking in the rear view mirror] Scooter parked on Via dei Mille in Naples, Italy.

people movers


[waiting out the rain] Cars and a scooter on Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Naples, Italy.

raining in Roma


  [nuns with umbrellas] Nuns walking in the rain outside St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City.



This blog will be a place for my photos of various cities and urban environments. I don’t plan on doing much commentary other than a caption of where the photo was taken. I hope you enjoy these photos.